After Arrive Perimeter Explosion, Fuel Line Problems Discovered

Investigators found appliance and fuel line leaks at the Arrive Perimeter apartment complex in Dunwoody, GA days after an explosion injured four people. One person suffered a broken leg another sustained serious burn injuries in the blast that occurred just before 1:30 p.m. on September 12.  They were taken to Grady Memorial Hospital.

In the week before the Arrive Perimeter explosion, residents told local media that they had smelled gas. On the day of the explosion, the building’s leasing manager called Atlanta Gas Light about the gas smell. A crew was en route to the building, located in 2000 block of Asbury Square when a blast occurred causing a partial collapse of the building that damaged 50 units.

Atlanta Gas Light said the call the day of the explosion is the only one they received. The Dekalb Fire Department is checking its records to see if it received any calls.

After investigators found the leaks, natural gas service was cut off for the entire 400-unit complex. The gas will remain off until all units can be inspected by a licensed plumber. Atlanta Gas Light stated it is not responsible for gas leaks and appliance connections inside the building. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution said, “representatives from the Arrive Perimeter apartment complex have not responded to inquiries from [the paper] or released any public statements.”

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