Two Injured in Goose Island Explosion And Fire

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Two people were injured in a Goose Island explosion and fire on Wednesday, January 30, 2019. A fire broke out at Sipi Metals Corporation, 1720 North Elston Avenue on Chicago’s north side. In a news report, CBS2 described the incident as an explosion in a metal melting furnace. Two workers, who had been working on the furnace at the time, have received significant burn injuries.

According to the Chicago Fire Department, the two workers are now at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Their condition is described as “serious to critical.”

Sipi Metals is located in an industrial area near the Goose Island neighborhood in Chicago.

Serious Issues Face The Two Injured in Goose Island Explosion And Fire

Explosions and fires can injure people in an alarming number of ways, and burn injuries can be one of the most serious. Medical expenses can run into the millions of dollars, and medical care may be needed for a lifetime. And while medical bills increase, the regular bills just keep on coming.

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Goose Island Explosion


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