Explosion Settlement Lawyers
Explosion Settlement Lawyers
Attorneys Eric Hageman and Fred Pritzker at the scene of an explosion that resulted in the death of two people. They sued the gas company and an equipment maintenance company. This is one of the cases Eric and Fred are currently handling.

Over $30 Million for Man Burned in an Explosion

The largest case our law firm ever handled was one where our client was horrifically injured in a pipeline explosion. Attorneys Fred Pritzker and Eric Hageman represented the injured client.

With this case, Fred and Eric kept the pressure on the companies responsible for the explosion to get our client the maximum possible settlement, which was over $30 million dollars.

“Before the settlement, our client was not sure how the family would have money to live on. He was so severely injured that he was unable to work. He was also unsure if he would be able to live independently. He was not sure how he would pay for a caregiver. I spent time with him, wheeled him down the streets in his rickety wheel chair, listened to him, and knew we needed to help him while he was waiting to get his settlement. We talked with a bank and helped him get a loan. We contacted the insurance company and helped him get a new wheelchair and better medical care. We took the time to be more than just his attorneys. We became friends, and even after the settlement, we are still in frequent contact.”

Attorney Fred Pritzker
Fred Pritzker Lawyer

$10 Million for Man Burned in a House Explosion

In one case, a big part of the settlement involved a loss of income. Our client was the owner of a new business, and that business ended when he was severely burned. We worked with economists and business valuation people to figure out the value of the new business, both at the time of the explosion and its potential worth.

“We entered negotiations with all of the numbers in order and some of the best financial experts in the country on our side. The result was a large settlement on behalf of our client.”

Attorney Eric Hageman