A four-alarm apartment fire injured two people with burns and smoke inhalation in Mound, MN on Saturday. The fire, that broke out at about 5:00 PM, displaced more than 70 people residents from their homes on the 4400 block of Wilshire Boulevard. Flames were initially seen from the second and third floors. One person on the second floor suffered major burn injuries. Another person on the third floor was hurt by smoke inhalation and minor burns.

The Mound Fire Department was able to quickly put out the flames. The Fire Department found that no sprinklers were activated in the fire. A resident says that the fire started in the kitchen of one of the units.

Firefighters say that a man who helped rescue a burn victim who was hurt in the apartment fire is being credited as a hero. John Ellingsworth told Fox9 News that while residents were evacuating, he ran into the building after hearing someone yelling. Ellingsworth told Fox9 that “I just ran outside, found out where [the calls] were coming from…I ran to his floor. He was standing in the doorway, shut the door. I kicked it open. I told him he needed to come with me. He proceeded to try and fight the fire, try to put it out…I just grabbed his legs and pulled him out, down the flight of stairs and out the door.”

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