Cause of Fatal House Explosion in Manor Township, PA was Faulty Installation of Gas Connector, Says NTSB

An improperly installed gas connector was the source of a 2017 house explosion in Manor Township, PA that killed one person and injured three others according to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). The July 2, 2017 explosion was so powerful that it leveled the home and damaged several neighboring homes. One of them sustained such significant damage that it was condemned.

The blast occurred around 12:30 p.m. after a three-man crew from UGI Utilities and one employee, Denny Hoffert, from the Lancaster Area Sewer Authority, were responding to a gas odor call on Springfield Lane. Richard A. Bouder, a 54-year-old UGI employee,  was killed in the explosion.

NTSB investigators focused on the connection of the gas main in the street and the home’s individual gas line called the tapping tee.  They found that it was not installed properly. A locking sleeve that was supposed to be attached at each end of the connection was not attached to the main. Because the sleeve was improperly attached, the four bolts holding the assembly in place were under more stress and two of them cracked. The improper installation allowed gas to escape.

NTSB aerial image of 2017 Manor Twp Explosion

NTSB aerial image of 2017 Manor Twp Explosion

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