How do you protect yourself if you’re injured in a fire or explosion?

You or a loved one was injured in a fire or explosion, and suddenly life is overwhelming. You’re hurt. You’re in shock. You or your family member may be recovering from terrible injuries in a hospital. You’re being visited by important-looking people you don’t know, and they want you to sign documents you don’t understand. You’ve never felt so vulnerable. How do you protect yourself, your family, and your future?  We are here to help.


Protect yourself: Tend to Your Medical Care.

The health of you and your loved ones is the first priority. If your injuries are serious, you will be in a hospital. If your injuries seem minor, get checked out by a doctor – explosions can cause many serious internal injuries — injuries you can’t see. Describe the incident to your doctors and ask them to make sure you don’t have internal injuries, such as a brain injury or damage to your heart or lungs.


Contact an Explosion and Burn Lawyer

As soon as you can, and before you sign anything not directly related to immediate necessary medical care, contact an attorney experienced in explosion and burn injury cases. If you are a family member, you can contact an attorney on behalf of the injured person. Because these types of cases are very complex, it is important to hire an experienced explosion and burn injury legal team.

Remember that talking to an attorney does not mean you are obligated to that firm.






Why should you contact an attorney?

Suddenly you are surrounded by serious-looking people in suits, asking you to sign papers full of legal jargon. But you could be signing away your chance to be fairly compensated for your injuries. To receive justice for your suffering. To be able to pay your bills. And to be able to afford the kind of medical rehabilitation you need.

Every state has different laws. In some states, just accepting Worker’s Compensation means that you have given up the right to sue — even if gross negligence was involved.

Every other party involved in the accident has a financial incentive to take care of you as cheaply as possible. Suddenly there are lawyers everywhere who are not fighting for you.

  • Corporations have attorneys on staff to protect them. Their job is to make the incident go away as cheaply as possible.
  • Insurance companies have a financial incentive to pay as little as possible — for your medical care, your rehabilitation, your pain and suffering, your financial obligations, and your family’s future.
  • Even state agencies are in the same boat. They know that the less money they spend on you, the more it benefits them.

All of these lawyers and adjusters will go to work immediately after the accident. Their job is to protect somebody else. They will all descend on you, in your weakened, confused state, and try to get you to make decisions about things you don’t understand. They are highly trained and they know what to do.

Our legal team works only for you.

What can an attorney do for you?

You deserve to have the same quality of representation as they do. You deserve to have your own experienced advocate.

An experienced explosion and burn lawyer knows what to do. We can tell you what all of those papers say. We can tell you what is a good deal, and what isn’t. So when you finally decide to sign something, you will understand what you are signing, and you will know it’s the best option for you, and your family, and your future.

All of those other attorneys work for someone else. Your attorney will work only for you.

Your attorney will make sure: 

Your injuries can change your life both physically and emotionally. After a traumatic event, it’s hard to navigate doctor’s appointments and bills, legal options, and insurance claims all by yourself. And how will you pay your bills if you (or your family’s breadwinner) can’t work? We will come visit you right away, anywhere in the United States – whether it’s at your home or your hospital bed, and immediately begin protecting you and your legal rights.

We will help you recover, receive justice, and make sure you have the resources you need as you rebuild your life.


Have your attorney review any documents before you sign them:

When someone asks you to sign something, always ask, “Who do you represent?” Have someone write down their answer. If they offer you a piece of paper, feel free to take it, but do not sign it. If someone encourages you to sign it, tell them, “I won’t sign anything until my attorney has looked at it.”

If you lose the piece of paper, or forget to take it, don’t worry. They have a lot of copies.


Protect yourself: Recover Evidence

It is important that your attorney starts investigating as soon as possible. Important evidence and even people’s recollection of the incident can be lost or destroyed over time — accidentally, or on purpose. Clean-up after an incident can also destroy evidence.

Our legal team will immediately begin investigating the explosion, and collect and preserve evidence. This is important, because time is a factor!

The explosion and fire could have been caused by product defects, operator negligence, or tampering. If a defective product caused your injuries, the product must be saved exactly as it was when the explosion occurred. If the accident happened in your home or on your property, do not clean up.

Be sure to keep all documentation you may have about the explosion, including any contact from a corporation, their insurance companies, or product manufacturer. If you made earlier inquiries about the safety of a working condition, keep a copy.  And do not sign anything until your attorney has examined all of the documents.

Talk to Us

The Pritzker Hageman Explosion and Burn Legal Team has years of experience in helping people who have been injured in explosions and fires. We will travel right to your hospital bed. We have won millions of dollars for our clients over the years and we will work to make sure you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

We understand that you are going through a very difficult time. You need someone who will do more than just read the “fine print.” We can give you the benefit of our experience, advice, and our understanding of how the system works.  We will look out for your concerns about the present day, and also your needs far into the future.

One more thing: when we work for you, you are the boss. You are in charge.

We are proud to work hard to help you get your life back on track. To discuss your case, call us at 1-888-377-8900. Or use the online contact form. The consultation is free and confidential, with no obligation.