Explosion Lawyer Eric Hageman Appears on WCCO-TV to Discuss Princeton Home Explosion and Gas Leaks

Pritzker Hageman explosion lawyer Eric Hageman appeared on WCCO-TV to discuss the ongoing problem of house explosions and gas leaks after a gas leak caused a deadly house explosion in Princeton, Minn.

The explosion happened after 85-year-old Eugene Meyer flipped on the stove at his Princeton home, igniting a gas leak. Tragically, Eugene died in the explosion. His son and granddaughter, who were inside the home at the time of the explosion, were hospitalized with severe burn injuries. Neighbors in the Princeton community banded together to support the family through a Go Fund Me page and a neighborhood lemonade stand.

Explosion lawyer Eric Hageman has represented dozens of gas explosion clients across the country. Eric says that given the level of destruction in this case, it could take months to put the pieces back together to help protect people from experiencing a similar tragedy in the future.