Why You Need an Explosion Lawyer Right Away

We act quickly to preserve evidence at the scene

Explosion and burn lawyer David Coyle, who represents survivors and next of kin, said it boils down to protecting the truth.  “Theories of cause and origin may be in dispute, and you need to have evidence on your side,’’ he said.

Scenarios vary from case to case. At many sites, controls go into place quickly. But there are also instances when security is lacking. For instance, a Colorado apartment explosion in September 2022, displaced residents for more than a week. The site was so poorly secured that thieves combed through the building, potentially compromising evidence.

“Our goal is to get there as soon as possible and dig in right away,’’ said Coyle, whose legal work in personal injury cases has contributed to several multi-million dollar results for clients. 

In cases of substantial human loss and suffering, Coyle said his law firm of Pritzker Hageman pushes to deploy as many experts as necessary. It goes hand in hand with safeguarding the evidence. Without it, the justice system doesn’t receive a complete picture of what happened, he said. Once cause and origin are established, juries can begin to hold wrongdoers accountable.


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Explosion lawsuit: Staying ahead of the curve

Coyle said it’s fair to note that other parties will be at the investigation scene who potentially may have different incentives.

“We are there to represent those who were injured,’’ Coyle said. “When it comes to examining the evidence, you want to make sure you’re not behind the curve.’’

Coyle was recognized by Best Lawyers in the 2023 edition of “Best Lawyers: Ones to Watch in America” for his high-caliber work in personal injury litigation. His career includes time spent as a full-time investigator for the City of New York.

Preserving evidence after fires and explosions poses a significant challenge. Crucial evidence of the explosion’s cause and origin can go missing or become trampled, hindering investigations. A gas explosion at a Michigan vape supply facility in March 2024 highlights this challenge. A week later, the explosion site was still too dangerous for fire investigators to access. Authorities were forced to issue warnings against taking hazardous debris as mementos to avoid further comprising the investigation.

In other cases, authorities secure the site, and protocols are set up for interested parties to receive equal access to potential evidence, including items that require forensic lab inspection. Regardless of the situation, Coyle said, the best explosion lawsuit investigations begin on the heels of the tragedy. 

Given the time-sensitive nature of collecting evidence – or examining it in a laboratory – he urges families affected by gas explosions and fires to get to a burn injury attorney as quickly as possible. 

“The sooner you can get to an attorney the better,’’ Coyle said. “They are the most knowledgeable about timing and the extent of the investigation. There’s not a one-size-fits-all approach.’’

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