Chesapeake, Virginia natural gas explosion

Two men were seriously injured when a propane explosion destroyed a house on Dutch Neck Road in Waldoboro, Maine on June 15, 2018.

The men were identified as 59-year-old Robert Keefe and his son, 28-year-old Ryan Keefe. Both men are being treated for third degree burns at Maine Medical Center.

The men were working in the basement of the home, opening it up for the summer. When they turned on the dryer, it triggered the explosion. The explosion was so severe that it knocked the house off of its foundation.  A fire then destroyed the structure.

Officials say that the propane leak built up dangerous levels of the flammable gas. Sergeant Joel Davis from the Maine State Fire Marshal’s office told, “We’re pretty confident that the house was full of that gas, and when people arrived, through normal activity like turning on a light switch, something sparked.”

Neighbors told reporters that the whole house shook and “blew apart.”

Waldoboro is located in the south-central part of Maine near Augusta.

Propane Explosion Injuries

Burns from explosions are classified as “thermal burns.” Their severity ranges from first degree burns, which are the least dangerous, to fourth degree burns, by far the most serious.

If severe burns cover more than 20% of a person’s body, they can go into shock. This is characterized by low blood pressure, loss of fluid, and body temperatures that are lower than normal. Body organs may not get enough blood flow, which damages them. Other possible dangers for burns are the risk of infection, damage to nerves, and problems with breathing. In all cases, immediate medical care is vital.

Healing of propane explosion injuries can involve a lot of pain, and can take a long time. The treatment can also be very expensive.

What Do I Do Now?

Lawyers Fred Pritzker and Eric Hageman have years of experience in helping survivors of burns and explosions. They have won settlements of millions of dollars to help people heal, protect their financial situations, and make sure they can afford medical care that may be needed for all of their lives.

The toll-free phone number for Pritzker-Hageman law office is 1-888-377-8900. You can talk to them about your case for free, and without obligation. They can tell you if you have a legal case, and will tell you what your rights are. You, in turn, can tell them what you need, what your concerns are, and how they can help you.


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Propane Explosion
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