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When should I talk to an explosion lawyer?

After you or a loved one has been injured in an explosion accident, it’s important to speak to an attorney as soon as possible. Evidence can be lost over time and may even be destroyed during clean up. Evidence must be preserved after the accident to help prove your case. Our attorneys investigate the accident, interview witnesses, and collect and preserve data about the explosion and how it may have occurred. Our attorneys will travel to the explosion site to investigate and to speak with you in the hospital or at home if we determine you have a case.

Explosion Lawyers Prizker and Hageman
Lawyers Fred Pritzker and Eric Hageman at the scene of an explosion. They are representing the family of someone killed in the explosion.

How much will the case cost me?

We are paid on a contingency basis, meaning we are not paid unless you win money.  Our consultations are free. 

How can an attorney help me get money for explosion burns and other injuries?

We will help you navigate the complicated maze of insurance claims, police and fire reports, and medical expenses. We want you to get the best care possible. And we want to make sure you are fairly compensated for your injuries and loss.

We will work to protect your legal rights and to ensure that your family is protected. We actively investigate accident sites to make sure evidence is preserved and cataloged and will travel anywhere in the country. We have expert witnesses to help with discovery and evidence collection and preservation. We will file court documents and help with other necessary legal procedures. And we dig through corporate records and file to uncover evidence that may help prove your claim.

Remember that large corporations have attorneys on staff to protect their interests. You have the right to have someone on your side to help you. If we think you have a case, our attorneys will travel to the accident site to investigate and to speak with you in the hospital or at home.  Call 1-888-377-8900 to speak to one of our attorneys about your case.

What should I do to preserve my claim?

If you can, gather any documents, such as:

  • Medical records
  • Incident reports
  • Statements you have given to any authority
  • Fire department documents
  • Police reports
  • Documents from any government officials that apply to your case.

Our attorneys will help you collect and preserve these documents and make sure your claim is properly filed, and filed on time. Call us as soon as possible after your accident so we can start collecting and preserving evidence.

Is an explosion investigation time-sensitive?

Yes. Evidence must be collected and preserved as soon as possible after an explosion. Clean-up efforts can destroy evidence that may help prove a case. Files and statements may be lost or misplaced. People can forget details about an accident over time.

Meanwhile, many people, including corporations and their insurance companies, will be in a hurry to have you sign things that may limit your legal rights and potential compensation.

If you were not the only person injured in the explosion, it is to your benefit to file a claim quickly, before any insurance monies run out.

The accident happened a while ago. Is it too late?

Call us and ask. Every burn lawsuit is different, and the consultation with our attorneys is free. Tell us the specifics of your situation, and we’ll tell you if you still have a case. It may be that some of your legal options are still open. It doesn’t hurt to ask. You can contact us at 1-888-377-8900.

Should I talk to an insurance company or sign anything?

Always speak to an attorney before you sign anything. Insurance companies may be working for the company that is legally responsible for the accident. Our attorneys understand the medical costs you may have in the future and want to make sure that you are fairly compensated for your immediate injuries and for future medical bills. Speaking to a company’s insurance carrier or signing any document they may give you could limit your legal rights and compensation.

Should I sign settlement releases or authorizations?

Speak to an experienced attorney before you sign anything.

Companies responsible for these accidents want to reduce their financial obligations. Insurance companies want to keep their payments as low as possible. Worker’s Compensation programs have a financial incentive to reduce payments. None of these entities are working for you.

Your attorney is the only one who will work to get you as much compensation for your medical bills, loss of income, and pain and suffering as you deserve. Get their advice before signing anything.  You need someone on your side who has only your best interests at heart.

I lost a loved one in an explosion. Can I sue?

Yes, depending on the state where you live. Family members, also called “next of kin,” can usually sue for compensation. Parents, spouses, and children of the loved one can file the claim. In some states, other family members can sue. Speak to one of our attorneys to find out if you have legal standing to sue after a wrongful death.

What is Worker’s Compensation?

Worker’s compensation is an insurance program that is regulated by the state. The program gives injured employees income and medical benefits, but only if the employer has worker’s compensation insurance. And your legal rights may be limited if you accept worker’s compensation payments. Talk to an attorney before you agree to accept this program or any payout.

What are the most common types of explosions that cause injury?

There are several types of explosions that cause injury. They range from gas explosions to those caused by dust, or chemical explosions. Some explosions can level a building, while others can release heat and fire that can damage buildings blocks away. Most of the cases we have litigated involve natural gas or propane. These explosions release blast waves and heat.

What Causes Explosions?

Explosions can happen anywhere. A pipeline under a neighborhood can explode. Dust in a grain elevator can cause an explosion. Construction or remodeling work can damage a pipeline. A defective appliance can explode. Propane tanks that are not properly filled or maintained can explode. Sometimes, construction companies do not properly cap gas lines before they start work. The oil and gas industries have very high injury and fatality rates. These explosions are caused when a flammable material is ignited by a spark.

What types of injuries are caused by explosions?

The explosions cause burns, blunt force trauma, lacerations, and crush injuries. A blast wave causes pressure that can damage every organ in your body, from the eardrum to your brain and lungs. Lacerations can cause serious injury that may require surgeries and stitches and can even lead to amputations. People have been crushed to death after explosions. Some have lost limbs after a wall or building collapse. But burns are the most common explosion injury we see and can cause lifelong disability and death. Serious burns can cause intense pain and disfigurement.

Can I get a settlement without going to trial?

Maybe. A settlement may be negotiated before a lawsuit is filed. But sometimes, corporations and other responsible parties refuse to settle and a court trial becomes necessary. Our experienced attorneys have negotiated millions of dollars in settlements for our clients. And we have won millions in lawsuits because we are also successful trial attorneys.

What types of explosions have your clients experienced?

Our clients have suffered serious injuries and death as a result of many types of explosions, including chemical explosions, grain elevator explosions, house explosions, pipeline explosions, propane gas explosions, faulty appliance explosions, and natural gas explosions.

Sometimes, a line is cut by maintenance workers or a construction crew. Some explosions are caused by employees not following safety protocols. Pipelines have been improperly capped, and improperly maintained propane tanks can explode.

Who will you sue in an explosion lawsuit?

Our attorneys look for as many responsible parties as we can find. If your explosion happened in an apartment you rented, for instance, we may be able to sue the landlord, the building owner, construction companies who worked on the building, equipment or appliance manufacturers, and even public utilities. We include as many entities as possible in an explosion lawsuit because insurance companies may limit payout, and some of those responsible may not be insured. We want to make sure you get the most compensation you can to help with medical bills and future expenses.

We help people throughout the United States who have been injured in explosions and fires. We want to make sure that your legal rights are protected and that you get answers, justice, and adequate compensation. Call us at 1-888-377-8900 for a free, confidential, and no obligation consultation.

Attorney Eric Hageman can be contacted for a free consultation at 1-888-377-8900 (toll-free).
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