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Gas explosions and fires north of Boston blasted Lawrence, North Andover, and Andover, Massachusetts on Thursday, September 13, 2018. “There have been multiple explosions, multiple fires that are happening across the city,” Lawrence Mayor Dan Rivera told WBZ TV. 

The city of Andover reported that they have extinguished all of the fires in the city, adding that there were 35 fires altogether. 18 were burning at the same time. At least three people were injured in Andover, including a firefighter and two civilians. 

All three cities are being evacuated. There are reports of injuries and hospitalizations, but fortunately, no reports of deaths so far. Lawrence General Hospital is treating six people who were injured in the explosions. Two of them are in critical condition. 

A statement from the Lawrence Mayor’s office said that the explosions and fires have been caused by gas valves that have been over-pressurized.

The Columbia Gas company had planned to upgrade gas lines across the state, including the lines in the three cities, but their role in the explosions and fires is unclear at this time. But everyone who has gas service from the company has been told to evacuate the area.

Staff members from the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency are being sent to the three cities. State fire investigators are also heading there. 

School in the three cities has been canceled for Friday.

Gas Explosions and Fires North of Boston Cause Massive Destruction

It’s difficult to imagine the chaos caused by the gas explosions and fires north of Boston. The population has to endure a major upheaval. Danger and concern is widespread. Emergency services are stretched to their limit. Damage and injuries are widespread.

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Gas explosions and fires north of Boston
Pritzker Hageman works hard to protect the legal rights of people injured by explosions or fires like the gas explosions and fires north of Boston. 
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