Austin natural gas house explosion

An Austin natural gas house explosion killed one and injured another on October 27, 2018. Both people were badly injured and taken to a local hospital. One of them, Nicole Burton, 44, was transferred to San Antonio Brooke Army Medical Center burn unit. Tragically, she died four days later. A Gofundme page has been set up to help with her funeral expenses.

The other person, who has not been identified, was taken to the hospital in serious condition. The house itself was demolished. 

The explosion occurred at 2301 Bendridge Trail in South Austin. A team from Texas Gas, working with an independent expert, are investigating the incident. Of particular interest are “failures” at a service line connection from another property. 

In a statement, Texas Gas announced, “The failures appear to be caused by third-party damage to the service line. The cause of the damage to the service line is still under investigation.” 

At least five other houses and several cars were damaged, the Austin Fire Department reported. Their initial estimate is that the cost of the damage may be $750,000. 

Austin Natural Gas House Explosion Raises Safety Concerns

While natural gas is a safe and commonly used fuel for homes, it can be deadly if proper safety procedures are not followed. If someone is killed because someone else did not follow proper safety procedures, it could be the basis of a lawsuit for wrongful death. 

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Austin Natural Gas House Explosion
Pritzker Hageman attorneys work to protect the legal rights of people like those affected by the Austin natural gas house explosion. 
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