Breach of Duty

A Northwest Chicago Metra explosion killed one worker, and injured another in the Old Irving Park neighborhood, on the 4500 block of W. Byron Street. The two men were badly injured, and one of the men died shortly afterward. The incident happened before noon on November 3, 2018. 

The explosion critically injured two men, who were rushed to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center by ambulance. Tragically, one of the men died shortly thereafter. According to Juan Hernandez, spokesman for the Chicago Fire Department, the other is still in critical condition. 

Meg Reile, spokeswoman for Metra, said that the men were using torches to repair the train tracks. “I have no idea what caused [the explosion],” she told the Chicago Tribune. “They were doing spot welds. (The work is) not an unusual activity.” 

The explosion was on the elevated tracks at 3805 North Kilbourn Avenue, near the Grayland Station. One train was delayed, but Hernandez announced at 12:30 that the situation was under control, and “The public is not in danger.” 

Tragedy of the Northwest Chicago Metra Explosion

Terrible incidents like the Northwest Chicago Metra explosion leave families in shock and grief. They fear for their future, they wonder about added expenses, and they yearn for answers. 

After an explosion’s injuries and deaths, lawyers show up from everywhere. The company involved in the incident has a financial interest to deal with the incident as cheaply as possible. Medical insurance companies have a financial incentive to provide low-cost medical care. Worker’s Compensation agencies have a financial incentive to spend as little money as possible.  It seems like everyone has a lawyer except for the families of the workers who were killed or injured. 

The compassionate attorneys of Pritzker Hageman law firm have years of experience in helping families who have been devastated by explosion and fires. We understand the complicated and confusing process of dealing with accidents. Even more important, we understand the confusion and grief being experienced by the survivors and their families. We personally visit survivors and family members, even coming to a patient’s hospital bed to help. We support the families and help ease their financial worries. We investigate the incident, interviewing witnesses and experts, poring over documents, and digging for answers. 

If you, or a member of your family, have been injured or killed by a fire or explosion, call us at 1-888-3700 to see if you have a viable legal case. Or send in the online contact card. The consultation is free, and has no obligation.


Sobol, Rosemary, and Anna Spoerre. “‘It was just a huge boom. The house shook’: Metra worker dies, another badly hurt during Northwest Side explosion.” Chicago Tribune, November 10, 2018. 

Northwest Chicago Metra explosion
Pritzker Hageman attorneys provide comfort, support, and expertise for survivors of tragedies like the Northwest Chicago Metra explosion. 

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