Gas Pipeline

Pipeline Explosion Lawyer

Virtually all of these explosions are predictable, preventable and inexcusable.Attorney Fred Pritzker Hi, my name is Fred Pritzker. I am a lawyer who helps people injured and the families of individuals killed by pipeline explosions involving…
Wappingers Falls Explosion
Memorial statue
Memorial statue
Landlord explosion lawsuit

Burn injury lawyers hold apartment landlords accountable for explosions

Apartment explosions require fact-specific legal investigations of landlords to determine cause and liability, according to national explosion and burn lawyer Tariq Miller, an attorney for survivors of burn injuries. “Certainly there could…
Landlord explosion lawsuit

Can I Sue Xcel Energy?

Yes, you can sue Xcel Energy. Xcel Energy delivers natural gas to two million customers in five states. The company talks openly about the safety hazards and operating risks inherent in a system that has been unable to stop gas leaks, explosions,…
El Rio explosion

El Rio explosion injured three, destroyed home north of Oxnard, CA

An El Rio explosion injured three people and destroyed a home at the intersection of Lemar Avenue and Cortez Street on November 24, 2018. Ambulances took three people to hospitals. Captain Stan Ziegler, of the Ventura County Fire Department,…
Breach of Duty

Delaware City Refinery Explosion Injured Three Workers

A Delaware City Refinery Explosion injured three workers on Tuesday, October 30, 2018, inflicting serious burns.  According to New Castle County Paramedics, one 39-year-old worker was in critical condition, with burns to his arms and face.  A…
St. Paul explosion injured two, demolished house

April Explosion at Superior Refinery Allegedly Caused by Safety Violations

Safety violations allegedly caused the April explosion at Superior Refinery that injured 11 people, according to a federal investigation. The incident happened on April 26, 2018. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) cited…
Gas explosion lawyer

Propane Explosion and Fire in Tilford, SD Kills Two, Injures One As It Destroys Home

A propane explosion and fire in Tilford, SD has killed two people and injured another. One of the fatalities was the Assistant Chief of the Sturgis Fire Department. A local resident was also killed, and a Deputy Sheriff was injured. The tragedy…
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Midland County Texas gas explosion devastates family of four

A Midland County Texas gas explosion has devastated a family of four. The family lived in the home where the explosion took place. The explosion left the family, Lucia Cereceres (29 years old), Auden Tercero (32), and their two children,…