Delaware City Refinery Explosion Injured Three Workers

Breach of Duty

A Delaware City Refinery Explosion injured three workers on Tuesday, October 30, 2018, inflicting serious burns. 

According to New Castle County Paramedics, one 39-year-old worker was in critical condition, with burns to his arms and face. 

A 36-year-old worker was in serious condition with burns to his face and neck. A 22-year-old worker, the third injured man, was in stable condition with burns on his feet. 

After being transported to Christiana Hospital, the three men were transferred to the Crozer Medical Center’s burn unit in Upland, Pennsylvania. 

According to the state fire marshal’s office, all three men are expected to survive. They classified the incident as a “minor explosion.” Robert Fox, the Chief Deputy State Fire Marshal, told the Delaware News Journal that no equipment was damaged, and that there was no fire. The incident is still being investigated. 

Delaware City Refinery Explosion Highlights Burn Injuries

Burns, like those suffered in the Delaware City refinery explosion, are the injury that people most commonly associate with explosions. And while there are many other ways explosions can injure or kill, burns can be very dangerous. It all depends on how severe the burn is, and how deeply the burn reaches.

The least serious is called a first degree burn, affecting only the epidermis, which is the outer layer of skin. First degree burns heal without scarring.

More serious is a second degree burn. It reaches the dermis, which is under the epidermis. It can cause blistering and scarring. It also causes considerably more pain.

Even more serious is a third degree burn. It reaches into the fat layer underneath the skin and nerves, and always causes scars. 

The most dangerous burn is a fourth degree burn. These are uncommon, and penetrate deeply into the muscle, blood vessels, tendons, or bone under the skin. 

Because skin is the body’s first defense against infection, burns present a serious threat of injection. Other threats include burn shock, nerve damage, and breathing problems. Joints and bones may be affected by scar tissue. And treatment for burns is usually very painful, expensive, and can take a long time. 

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Peterson, Josephine. “Three workers hospitalized in Delaware City Refinery explosion.” Delaware News Journal, delaware online, October 30, 2018, updated October 31, 2018.

Delaware City Refinery Explosion
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