Chesapeake, Virginia natural gas explosion

A Chesapeake Virginia natural gas home explosion killed one and injured several people on October 14, 2018. The two residents of the home suffered critical injuries. They were transported to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital. Tragically, one of the residents has since died.

The explosion and fire affected others in addition to the two homeowners. Two firefighters received minor injuries. They were treated at Chesapeake General Hospital. Four other adults got treated at the scene. 

A neighbor told News 3 that he saw the single-family home burst into pieces and the front door fly across the street. Several neighbors rushed to the scene and worked heroically to help the two residents, at considerable risk to themselves. 

The house was destroyed by the explosion and fire. The neighbor’s house was also damaged in the explosion, and caught on fire. The family was not allowed to stay in it because it was no longer safe. 

The Chesapeake Fire Department said that a natural gas line caused the explosion.  The Chesapeake Fire Marshal’s Office is investigating.

Chesapeake Virginia Natural Gas Home Explosion Tragedy

Natural gas is an efficient and relatively safe source of energy. But tragedies like the Chesapeake Virginia natural gas home explosion remind us that the system is not perfect.

Survivors of explosions and fires can have a tough time. Burns are serious injuries, and take a long time to heal. There is a lot of pain involved – and a lot of expense. As medical bills increase, the regular bills keep on coming. And the survivors can’t return to their jobs because of their injuries.

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Hordges, Aleah and Web Staff. “Nine injured in natural gas line explosion at Chesapeake home.” WTKR News 3, October 14, 2018, updated October 16, 2018. 

Chesapeake, Virginia natural gas explosion
Tragedies like the Chesapeake Virginia natural gas home explosion can shatter people’s lives.
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