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A house explosion in McDaniels, Kentucky killed one and injured two in the 700 block of Camp Green Shores Lane on October 27, 2018. The person who was killed in the tragedy was 62-year-old Loretta Harris of Burnside, Kentucky. 

Sadly, Ms. Harris was found dead at the scene. The two other people were flown to the University of Lexington Hospital with injuries that are considered threatening. Their conditions are not known at this time. Officials believe that a gas leak caused the explosion, which happened around 11:15 a.m. 

Authorities are continuing to investigate the incident. Officials do not think that foul play was involved. 

What Caused the House Explosion in McDaniels, Kentucky?

Tragedies like the House Explosion in McDaniels, Kentucky are often caused by natural gas leaks. Gas can leak from appliances, from a furnace, or from gas lines. When gas builds up to a certain level, one spark can cause a huge explosion.

While burn injuries are commonly associated with gas explosions, these lethal events can kill in many other ways too. Explosion deaths can be caused by blunt force trauma, when debris from the blast hits a person, or when the blast throws a person against something hard and stationary.  Crush injuries can also kill or injure, if the explosion makes the structure collapse onto someone. The shock wave from the blast can damage internal organs, rupture eardrums, and damage eyes, lungs, or the brain. 

Nothing can prepare a person for the shock and grief caused by losing a loved one to a fire or explosion. While survivors struggle to come to terms with the loss, and work to recover from their own injuries, the compassionate attorneys of Pritzker Hageman can help them with the financial burdens of the accident, and begin to put their lives back together. 

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House explosion in McDaniel, Kentucky
Attorneys Fred Pritzker and Eric Hageman can help survivors begin to put their lives back together. 
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