Crush Injuries

Our law firm helps people who have been crushed in explosions. This can happen when part of a structure falls on someone or when the force of an explosion throws the person through the air. Our explosion lawyers have experience getting $10+ Million for clients with burns and crush injuries.

Seventy-four percent of these injuries involve the lower extremities; 10% affect the upper extremities, and 9% involve the trunk of the body.

Crush Syndrome

Crush syndrome is also known as Traumatic Rhabdomyolysis, or Bywater’s Syndrome.  Decreased oxygen levels in crushed muscles cause the release of oxygen-carrying proteins  and electrolytes.

When the crushed or trapped body part is freed, these compounds suddenly re-enter the bloodstream, where they can trigger a heart attack or kidney failure. About 2% to 15% of crush injury patients experience crush syndrome.

Compartment Syndrome

The third type of crush injury is called Compartment Syndrome. A “compartment” is a group of nerves, muscles, and blood vessels in the arms and legs that are surrounded by a non-expanding tissue that keeps those body components in place. The tissue that can’t expand is called “fascia.”

Leg Nerves

When an explosion injury causes swelling and bleeding in this compartment, pressure builds up and restricts blood flow. These types of injuries require immediate emergency care and usually require surgery. Areas of the body affected by compartment syndrome may need to be amputated.

Contact a Lawyer about a Lawsuit if You Have a Crush Injury

Anyone who has been in an explosion should be checked by a doctor. Symptoms of any crush injury can include severe pain, numbness, and a feeling of tingling or burning in the skin. If you experience these symptoms, see a doctor as soon as possible.

When you are able, contact our experienced crush injury lawyers. We have represented hundreds of clients who have sustained these injuries through accidents and negligence. We will investigate the explosion, collect and preserve evidence, and represent you in the complex legal maneuverings that often occur after these accidents. Our goal is to make sure that your legal rights are protected and that you are fairly compensated for your injuries.

Attorney Fred Pritzker and his team can be contacted at 1-888-377-8900 (toll-free).
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