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Two employees and one customer were badly injured when a natural gas leak ignited in a Homerville, Georgia coffee shop explosion. The incident prompted city officials to send out a request over social media, asking citizens to avoid the area so first responders could operate most effectively.

Glenn Allen, spokesman for Georgia Insurance, and Ralph Hudgens, Safety Fire Commissioner, told the Associated Press that a ruptured underground gas line leaked natural gas into a sewer line connected to the coffee shop. When it was ignited, the explosion and resulting fire badly damaged the shop, blew brick walls apart, and scattered debris across the parking lot.

The explosion also injured the only three people in the coffee shop. Allen reported that all three have been airlifted to a Gainesville, Florida hospital with “burns and other serious injuries.” 

Investigators said that the leak was caused when a construction crew, installing fiber optic cable, damaged the gas line.

Homerville, about 30 miles north of the Georgia-Florida state line, has a population of about 2,500 people.

Homerville, Georgia Coffee Shop Explosion Shows That Tragedy Can Strike Anywhere

Some people may have the impression that deadly explosions only happen in huge industrial areas that are filled with dangerous materials. But the Homerville, Georgia coffee shop explosion shows that danger and destruction can strike in even the most innocent of places. As a result, the lives of three people, along with their friends and families, are changed forever.

Explosions cause injuries in many ways. The concussive blast of the explosion can seriously damage eardrums, internal organs, and other sensitive parts of the human body. The fire caused by the explosion can cause dangerous burns. And the blast wave can cause people to be hit by flying debris, or crushed under collapsing walls or ceilings.

Recovery from these injuries can be a slow and painful process. The medical care for the injuries can be very expensive, and the patients are often unable to work for a long time. Survivors and their families are badly shaken, and uncertain about their futures.

The attorneys of Pritzker Hageman are experts in helping people whose lives have been disrupted by fire and explosions. They have years of experience, and will offer expert advice on what to do next. They will come and visit the injured people in their own homes, or even while they are still in the hospital. And Pritzker Hageman has won many multi-million dollar settlements on behalf of injured people.

Nothing can turn back time and make the incident disappear. But the money can be used to make sure everyone gets the best medical care possible. It can ease concerns over bills and finances. And it can help the injured people begin to put their lives back together.

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“Explosion destroys coffee shop, injures 3 in rural Georgia.” Associated Press, August 17, 2018.

Homerville, GA gas explosion
The experienced law firm of Pritzker Hageman can help injured people and their families to begin to put their lives back together.
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