Winnebago County Iowa Grain

A Winnebago County Iowa grain elevator explosion injured two people and caused some damage that shut down the site, on August 20, 2018.

The incident happened at the Landus Cooperative, located at 314 North Main in Rake, Iowa, in Winnebago County. Rake is about 60 miles northwest of Mason City, just south of the Iowa-Minnesota border.

The company told KIMT3 News that the injured workers have non-life threatening injuries. 

In a statement, Landus Cooperative said, “We very much appreciate the fire and rescue crews who responded yesterday and thank them for their quick response.”

The state Fire Marshall will be investigating.

“Finely-Divided Solids’ and the Winnebago County Iowa Grain Elevator Explosion

Incidents like the Winnebago County Iowa grain elevator explosion serve as reminders that explosions are not only fueled by leaking natural gas, propane, or other flammable gases or liquids. Surprisingly, explosions can happen in facilities that handle seemingly non-flammable materials.

The key is … dust. 

Fire and explosion experts refer to dust as “finely-divided solids,” and they can be as deadly as gas leaks. 

Grain produces dust when it moves, and the dust hangs in the air inside the elevator, creating a combustible mixture that is very flammable. The elevator is an enclosed space, holding dust and air. Air, of course, contains oxygen. 

Then the only thing needed for an explosion is an ignition source.

Many things can ignite an explosion: a spark, static electricity, a lit cigarette, lightning, welding sparks, friction, or hot equipment like hot bearings, overheated motors, misaligned conveyor belts, or cutting tools. 

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Winnebago County Iowa Grain
“Finely-divided solids” can be as dangerous as gas leaks
when it comes to industrial explosions. 

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