Malcolm School Gas Explosion

Two workers were critically injured in a Malcolm school gas explosion at the Malcolm, Nebraska public school campus on July 30, 2018. One received second degree burns, and the other received second and third degree burns.

Ambulances from Malcolm and Raymond transported them to CHI (Catholic Health Initiatives) St. Elizabeth’s Regional Medical Center hospital in Lincoln, Nebraska. 

The workers are employed by Liquid Foam Insulation Inc. of Omaha, which is a subcontractor doing work on a school expansion project. They were using a gas-powered generator in a semi-trailer next to Westfall Elementary school. Malcolm Fire and Rescue Chief Jim Densberger told the Lincoln Journal Star that gasoline vapor triggered an explosion. 

Sergeant Tommy Trotter of the sheriff’s department told the Lincoln Journal Star that the vapor may have been accumulating for several hours before something sparked the explosion. The explosion caused a fireball that hit one of the men inside the trailer, and the other on the tailgate of the trailer. 

The State Fire Marshall’s Office and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) are investigating the Malcolm school gas explosion. 

Malcolm, a village in Lancaster County, is approximately 13 miles northwest of Lincoln, Nebraska, and is part of the Lincoln, Nebraska Metropolitan Statistical Area. 

Serious Burn Injuries in Malcolm School Gas Explosion

The injuries suffered in the Malcolm school gas explosion are serious. Second degree burns penetrate the epidermis (the outer layer of skin) and reach the dermis underneath. These burns are painful, and may leave scars.

Third degree burns are even more serious. They may penetrate the epidermis and the dermis, and reach the fat and nerve layers under the skin. They almost always leave scars. 

It takes a long time to heal from these burns. There is a lot of pain, lost work time, and high-cost medical treatment.

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Malcolm School Gas Explosion
Second- and third-degree burns, like the ones received in the Malcolm school gas explosion, are serious because of how deeply they penetrate the layers of skin. 
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