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A propane dryer explosion in Leslie Township, Michigan has injured two people. The incident occurred in the 1000 block of Vaughan Road east of Hawley Road, on July 24, 2018.

One of the men was seriously burned. He was transported to Sparrow Hospital, but then sent to the University of Michigan Hospital in Ann Arbor via airlift. The second man received minor injuries.

The house was fully ablaze when firefighters arrived, and an official of the Ingham County Sheriff’s department told WLNS 6 News that it was completely destroyed. It took seven fire departments to bring the fire under control. 

Bruce Howe, the Fire Chief of Leslie Township, indicated to the Lansing State Journal that the fire may have been sparked by a propane explosion. The incident is being investigated.

The propane-powered clothes dryer was in the basement of the house, as was the man who was badly burned. The second person was upstairs at the time of the explosion, and helped the injured man to get out of the house.

We do not yet have details on the injured man’s condition.

Propane Dryer Explosion in Leslie Township Not an Isolated Incident

The propane dryer explosion in Leslie Township reminds us that propane safety is something to take seriously. Propane gas is used safely by millions of people every day, so it’s easy to take a relaxed attitude about it. But it’s important to remember that, according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), propane has been involved in thousands of home fires.

In fact, the NFPA reports that “ departments responded to an estimated annual average of 1,170 home structure fires involving LP-gas in 2003-2007. These fires resulted in 34 civilian deaths, 135 civilian injuries and $48 million in direct property damage.”

To protect yourself, the NFPA gives the following safety tips:

  • Handle any propane-powered equipment cautiously and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Cylinder tanks for equipment such as stoves and ovens must be located outside of the home.
  • Never store or use propane gas cylinders larger than one pound inside the home.
  • Never operate a propane-powered gas grill inside the home.
  • Have propane gas equipment inspected periodically by a professional for possible leaks or malfunctioning parts.
  • Carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions when lighting a pilot.
  • If you smell a strong odor of gas, leave the area immediately and call the fire department from outside the home.

For more information, visit the Propane Education and Research Council Web site.

Putting Your Life Back Together

If you have been injured in an explosion or fire, please accept our deepest sympathies. Burn injuries are very painful, take a long time to heal, and need very expensive medical treatment.

If you have been injured in an explosion or fire, you may have a legal right to compensation for things like medical bills, loss of revenue because you have not been able to do your job, and for pain and suffering.

If you wonder if you have a legitimate case, you can ask the legal professionals at Pritzker Hageman law firm. You can make the free phone call at 1-888-377-8900, without obligation. Or, just fill out the online contact form.

We have years of experience in these tragedies, and are dedicated to helping survivors and their families put their lives back together. 


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Propane Dryer Explosion in Leslie Township
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