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One worker was killed and several were injured at a Gatesville hospital explosion during construction at Coryell Memorial Healthcare System at 1507 West Main Street in Gatesville, Texas on June 26, 2018.

Michael Bruggman of Rogers, died in the blast Tuesday.

Authorities report that all of the people involved were construction workers. Hospital patients and staff were not harmed. The construction crew was working on an expansion project for the hospital.

There are conflicting reports on what caused the incident. Witnesses report that an electric generator exploded, sending shrapnel in all directions. But the cause is now allegedly a gas leak in the boiler room. 

The explosion collapsed part of the construction project.

Injured workers were taken to trauma centers in Temple, Texas, about 34 miles away. But burn victims were airlifted to Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, over 100 miles away. Medical authorities say that three or four are in critical condition.

Update: on Thursday, 36-year-old Filiberto Morales, of Round Rock, died Thursday afternoon at Scott & White Medical Center in Temple. The death total is now two. 

Our deepest sympathies go out to the families of the workers who were killed, and our best wishes to the injured workers. 

Gatesville Hospital Explosion Injuries

Burns are only some of the injuries that can be caused by an explosion. Explosions can also cause brain injuries.

The blast concussion produced by the explosion can cause a pressure wave that could affect any organ in the body. These are called primary injuries.

The concussion can also send debris and fragments flying through the air. When this debris hits someone, experts call those secondary injuries. In this explosion, witnesses reported seeing debris sent flying around by the blast.

When the concussion blows a person against another object, the person can experience blunt force trauma. These are called tertiary blast injuries.

Quaternary injuries are also possible. These happen from blood loss, inhaling toxic gases, and burns.

Explosions can also cause heart damage, rupture eardrums, damage lungs and eyes, and endanger most human organs. Some injuries don’t show symptoms until well after the incident. So even if you think you have not been hurt after an explosion, it is important to have a doctor check you out.

Being Proactive

After an explosion, suddenly it seems like everyone has an attorney except the injured party. Make sure you get checked out, and make sure you talk to an attorney who can give you expert advice on how to protect your finances and your future. Call the compassionate attorneys at Pritzker Hageman to talk about your case and your concerns. We have years of experience in protecting people who have been injured in fires and explosions. We have also won multi-million-dollar settlements to make sure the injured person and their family don’t have to worry about the cost of the treatment they may need. 

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Gatesville Hospital Explosion
Update: tragically, a second worker has died from injuries sustained
in the Gatesville Hospital explosion. 
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