Chesapeake, Virginia natural gas explosion

One person was killed and another injured in a Wisconsin house explosion that completely destroyed the home. Authorities say the tragedy may have been caused by a propane gas leak.

On Saturday morning, authorities were alerted to an explosion in a mobile home. When they arrived at W1520 Ray Road in Oneida, they said the house was destroyed and burning. After the flames were put out, they found the body of a woman in the wreckage.

A man with severe burn injuries was airlifted to a hospital in Green Bay, Wisconsin. There is no word on his condition.

The Wisconsin house explosion was so strong that it was felt three miles away. The state Fire Marshall is assisting in the investigation of the incident.

Oneida is a town in Outagamie County, Wisconsin, with a population of less than 5,000, about 15 miles west of Green Bay.

What Can We Learn From This Wisconsin House Explosion? 

Propane gas leak explosions can be powerful and deadly. The strength of the explosion depends on how much gas has accumulated in one area before an ignition source triggers it. Unfortunately, one room filled with gas is enough to fuel a very large explosion.

Propane gas is widely used as a fuel for houses, and in general, is relatively safe. Propane tanks are very strong. The industry has many regulations regarding safe transport and storage, and people working with propane are well trained.

But explosions from propane gas leaks, while rare, are a little more common than you would expect.

One problem is that propane is invisible, and has no smell. As a safety measure, the industry adds an odorant to the gas, so you can smell it if it leaks. While this works well, it isn’t perfect, and sometimes the odorant fades and does not alert people to a leak. Another problem is that gas hoses and valves can deteriorate over time, posing the risk of a gas leak.

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Wisconsin House Explosion
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