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Pipeline Explosion Lawyer

Virtually all of these explosions are predictable, preventable and inexcusable.Attorney Fred Pritzker Hi, my name is Fred Pritzker. I am a lawyer who helps people injured and the families of individuals killed by pipeline explosions involving…
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Two Women Seriously Injured in Silver Township House Explosion

A house explosion and fire in Silver Township seriously injured two women on Tuesday evening. The blast happened just before 10:00 PM at a home in Kettle River, MN located at 4080 Korhonen Road. A 72-year-old woman her 52-year-old female relative…
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Teenage Girl Seriously Injured in Indiana Propane House Explosion

A teenage girl suffered serious burn injuries in a propane gas house explosion in South Whitley, IN last Friday. At the time of the blast, 16-year-old Summer West and her mother were both inside the house. The teen's bedroom was located in the…
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Shawano County House Explosion Kills Third Man

A third man has now died in the Shawano County, WI house explosion that happened a month ago. Daniel Young (62) died from explosion injuries last Thursday at the UW Hospital in Madison, WI. The September 23rd explosion at a home in Grant, WI …
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Four People Injured in Brooklyn House Explosion

A house explosion in Kensington, Brooklyn injured four people on Monday. Just before 1:30 PM, an explosion took place on the first level of a two-story house at 820 Friel Place. A painter who had been working in the basement with paint thinner…
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Oklahoma Man Dies in House Explosion, Granddaughter Injured

A house explosion caused by a gas leak last Thursday has left an Oklahoma man dead and his granddaughter seriously injured. Don Osteen and his three-year-old granddaughter Paetyn were eating lunch at their home in Maud when the explosion happened.…
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Shawano County House Explosion Kills 2 Men, Seriously Injures 2 Others

A Shawano County house explosion and fire seriously injured four men on Monday. Among those injured included homeowner Steve Verg (62) and Michael Suehring (64), both of whom have sadly died. First responders arrived on the scene off County…
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Iowa Man Dies in Hospital After House Explosion

An Iowa man died in the hospital after suffering burn injuries from a house explosion last month. Daniel Miller (39) of Preston, IA was alone in his home on the 3900 block of Highway 64 at the time of the explosion. Miller was able to exit the…
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Fatal House Fire and Explosion Kills One in Lake County, CA

A house fire and explosion killed one person in the Cobb Mountain area of Lake County, CA on Sunday. The fire started at around 3:30 PM at 11335 Airstrip Road near the town of Lower Lake. The fire destroyed the structure of the house and started…
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Burn Survivor Advocates for Colorado Oil and Gas Reform Bill

Colorado Governor Jared Polis (D) signed a sweeping overhaul of oil and gas rules into law this week. The new legislation puts public safety and the environment first, rather than encouraging production. Senate Bill 181 comes into place two…
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Two Injured in House Explosion From Ruptured Gas Line In Breckenridge, CO

A ruptured gas line caused a house explosion that injured two men in Breckenridge, CO. The explosion happened on Wednesday, April 2nd, 2019, at around 1:30 AM on the 200 block of Royal Tiger Road. Investigators say ice falling from the roof…
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Detroit Lakes Man Critically Injured in Fish House Gas Explosion

A Minnesota man is in critical condition after a fish house gas explosion in Moorhead. Michael Herzog remains hospitalized with second- and third-degree burn injuries on 90% of his body. The explosion happened around 8:00 AM on Sunday, March…
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McCall Propane Explosion Leaves 1 Dead, Another in ICU

One man is dead and a teenage girl is severely injured after a house explosion in McCall, Idaho. Fire officials are working to determine the cause of the blast that happened near Fairview Drive around 4:15 yesterday. A fire followed the explosion.