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3 Injured in Springfield, VA Gas Line Explosion

Three members of a Washington Gas crew were injured in a gas line explosion that occurred while they were working to repair a leak in the 8500 block of Hooes Road in Springfield, VA. The explosion happened around 12:45 p.m. after a backhoe struck the line. Neighbors said flames shot 50 to 70 feet into […]

1 Injured, 1 Dead After Fire, Explosion at Roanoke, VA Home

A fire and explosion at a house in Roanoke, VA has left one person hospitalized and another dead. When emergency responders arrived at the house in the 2500 block of Larchwood Street NE at 6:45 p.m. last night, they found it engulfed in heavy smoke and flames. An explosion that occurred after they arrived blew […]

Oak Grove House Explosion Injures 1 in MN

A house explosion in Oak Grove, MN on December 18 left one man with serious injuries. He was rushed to Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapids. Emergency responders who were called to the scene around 5:30 said the home, located in the 4400 block of 214th Avenue Northwest, was badly damaged. Officials have not yet determined […]

Omaha House Explosion Leaves 1 Dead, 2 Critically Injured

An Omaha house explosion this morning left one person dead and two others critically injured. Neighbors told local media they heard a loud boom at around 8:15 a.m., saw debris flying everywhere, and ran to help. The blast had leveled the home, located at  4810 S 51st St., and damaged two neighboring houses. A young […]

Explosion at Magellan Storage Facility in Corpus Christi Injures 7

Seven people were injured in an explosion at the Magellan refinery in Corpus Christi, four are in critical condition and one has been admitted to a burn center in San Antonio. The December 5th explosion occurred around 10: 00 a.m. when a fire broke out as a contract crew was working to clean and inspect […]

Gas Leak Causes Manatee County House Explosion, 3 Injured

Three people in Manatee County, FL were injured in a house explosion that occurred yesterday as crews worked to repair a gas leak. Firefighters had been working for hours with a crew from Tampa Electric Company (TECO) to repair a gas leak in the 2900 block of 9th Street West when the blast occurred around […]

Washburn, MO House Explosion Injures 5

Five family members were injured in a house explosion on November 4 in Washburn, Missouri. A fire following the blast consumed the home located about 20 miles northeast of Pea Ridge. Investigators have not yet determined the source of the explosion but propane-fueled appliances are suspected. There were seven people inside the home at the […]

Propane Leak Caused Fatal House Explosion in Marshall, MN

A propane leak caused by a damaged supply line was the source of a house explosion in Marshall, MN that killed Gail and Nancy Schipansky, an investigation by the State Fire Marshall’s Office has determined. A spark from the dryer ignited a buildup of gas in the basement of the home. The leak was likely […]

House Explosion in Lincoln County, WI Injures 2

Two people in Lincoln County, WI were airlifted to a hospital after suffering severe injuries in a house explosion yesterday. The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office has determined that a furnace was the cause of the explosion that occurred near the town of Russell around 3:30 p.m. The people injured are the owners of the property. […]

Montezuma, OH House Explosion – 1 Woman Dies, Another Goes Into Labor

A woman died when her Montezuma, Ohio house exploded on October 11 and her pregnant neighbor, who was struck by flying debris, went into labor. Rose McClurg, 72, was killed in the explosion that knocked her house off of its foundation and sent debris flying. A fire that followed the blast consumed what remained of the […]

Davidson, NV Propane Explosion – 2 Airlifted to Wake Forest Burn Center

Two people who suffered injuries after a propane explosion at a house in Davidson, NC on October 9 were airlifted to Wake Forest Burn Center.  An update on their current condition has not been released. The explosion occurred just after 12 p.m. at the house located the 11600 block of Mooresville Road. An investigation is […]

Oklahoma City House Explosion Injures Family, 1 Girl is Dead

A young girl has died and the rest of her family is hospitalized after a house explosion in Oklahoma City this morning. Officials say propane is the likely source of the blast that occurred just before 7 a.m. leveling the home located in the 8000 block of Northeast 139th Street. Fire did not follow the […]